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As far as I can think back I always enjoyed being in an office setting. My father used to be an Insurance Salesman when I was little and whenever I had to stay at his office for one reason or another I would always pass the time away happily playing office even answering some calls for my dad. As I got older my dad used to give me tasks to do like filing or stocking …

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…estate agent is quite inviting. Bibliography Keene State College Computer Science Department. (1999) Keirsey Temperament Sorter Gardner, J.N., & Jewler, A.J. (1999). Your College Experience: Strategies For Success (4th ed.) Personality Mosaic. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Company. United States Department of Labor Office of Administrative Law Judges Law Library. DICTIONARY OF OCCUPATIONAL TITLES (4th ed.), (1991). Princeton Review. (1999). Bureau of Labor Statistics. (1998-99) Occupational Outlook Handbook URL: