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Geoffrey Chaucer presents a realistic portrayal of the medieval period in The Canterbury Tales. These details are especially accurate of the pilgrimages to Canterbury and the types of people who made them. Whether the character and its description are based on actual historic figures, then being called “individuals,” or are more general portrayals, “types,” they give the reader a genuine idea of the medieval society. Chaucer displays several aspects of this society: a range of …

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…gives an example of a knight of England, describes the dress of certain occupations, notes some positions that were despised at the time, and, most obviously, criticizes the corruption of and a lack of devotion in the Church and the clergy. By describing twenty-six pilgrims, Chaucer tells us that many people of diverse personalities and backgrounds set out on journeys to Canterbury but most were far from having a devotion to their religion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**