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CABALGATA Do you think riding on a horse eight hours for three days is relaxing and exciting? Poeple that enjoy horseback riding think so. The “Cabalgata” in the Northern part of Mexico is a long, exciting, and relaxing horsetrail. This horsetrail is relaxing for most people because they get off work for three days and drink with their friends. This trail is made for men only, but girls are allowed to join in with them …

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…friends. Also, when we got there, we took pictures. After a great delicious lunch is when everyone goes home and rests comfortably in their beds. In conclusion, this Cabalgata is very exciting and relaxing. We get off work for three days and communicate with our friends or people you meet. So, are you up for this event? Would you go horseback riding 8 hours for three days? You should try and make it a good experience.