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Billy Budd By Herman Melville Elizabeth English III, Honors Period 1 Main Characters Billy Budd- He is a bright-eyed, twenty-one year old forewoman of the British Fleet. An orphan, he is tall, athletic, friendly, innocent, and helpful. He is a loyal friend, and a fierce fighter. All the officers like him except for Claggart. Claggart- The Master-at-Arms that is envious and jealous of Billy Budd. He is out to make Billy's life miserable and is the …

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…necessary. How you may be good in all kinds of ways, but you may also have one flaw, and it may make your life miserable. Billy Budd had one flaw, and that was when he was under any kind of pressure, he would either stutter or lose his ability to speak. He was nearly perfect in every way, but the one flaw made him human. We should accept life and live it to its fullest.