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#Bone, by Fae Myenne Ng. New York: Hyperion, 1993 Fae Myenne Ng's masterly debut novel centers on three Chinese American sisters. All are raised by the same mother and father, Mah and Leon, but each responds differently to family dynamics and the conflict between their San Francisco Chinatown community and American culture. Each evolves into an individual woman with a separate destiny. Leila, the oldest daughter and the book's narrator, is bound most strongly to Chinatown, …

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…how she gave her parents the news of Ona's suicide: "This telling had a stillness, not time stopping, but time hurting." Ng is a master storyteller. Her gift for observation and language makes Bone truly extraordinary. Fae Myenne Ng's prose is clear, clean really, making Bone a good choice for readers at pre-GED level and above. Bone provides an open door to another culture - Fae Myenne Ng invites us to step in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**