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Blackbeard could be called North Carolina’s own pirate because he frequented this area in refuge. His original name was Edward Drummond and he began his career sailing out of his home port of Bristol, England. After he became a pirate he changed his name to Edward Teach, which is the name that most people relate to Blackbeard the Pirate. Some historians believe that his tendancies toward piracy came to him because of the enviroment …

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…Of) Blackbeard’s career began during Queen Anne’s War which lasted from 1701 to 1713. After the war ended he crewed for Captain Honigold in the Grenadines and quickly became the captain’s protoce. In November of 1717 they came across a merchant ship that was flying under a French flag. They eventually took the ship and when Hornigold retired he gave this ship to Blackbeard/Edward Teach, who quickly renamed the ship “Queen Anne’s Revenge”.