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I. Dominant Economic Factors · Market size: The Black and Decker Corporation can be divided into three major segments, these segments consist of: power tools and accessories, hardware and home improvement, and fastening and assembly systems; of these three power tools and accessories provide by far the majority of the sales, (70%, 3,209 million) which is a 9% increase from 1998. Hardware and home improvement provides $882 million and is 19% of total sales (a 4% increase from 1998), and fastening and assembly systems …

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…in over 100 countries, the Corporation enjoys worldwide recognition of strong brand names and a superior reputation for quality, design, innovation and value. The Corporation is one of the world’s leading producer’s of power tools, power tool accessories, and residential security hardware, and the Corporation’s product lines hold leading market share positions in each of these industries. The Corporation is also a major global supplier of engineered fastening and assembly systems. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**