biomass energy in tanzania

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Biomass Energy in Tanzania The United Republic of Tanzania is located in Southeast Africa. The country includes the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. Tanzania is a beautiful country with lovely beaches, mountains, national parks, and people. This is also the country where you can find Tanzanite, a dazzling blue stone that is astonishing everyone in the world one at a time. Arabs from Oman, who settled in Zanzibar in the 7th century A.D, first …

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…The people of Tanzania are going to be doing everything possible to improve the use of energy. If the situation there does not change, bad things are going to happen. Homes in Tanzania take in more energy then some businesses. If this does not change, pretty soon there will barely be enough energy for lights to work. After energy is consumed properly, life will be a lot easier for people to in Tanzania to live.