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Is the Law Good or Evil ? In the New Testament, the Pauline epistles play an important role in the development of Christianity and the Christian church. Arguably, the most important letters of Paul are that of the ones for the Christians of Rome. The letters to the Romans are slowly revealing the thought process of the apostle. In the letters to the Romans, the apostle discusses God's righteousness and forgiveness to all those who believed, …

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…when Paul speaks of the law more objectively he tends to see it as good: when he speaks of it more existentially, he tends to see it as evil" (Knox 61). Works Cited Fitzmeyer, Joseph A. Pauline Theology: A Brief Stretch. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1967. Knox, John. Life In Christ Jesus. Connecticut: Seabury, 1961. The New American Bible. 1989-1990 ed. Kansas: Catholic Bible Publishers, 1970. Wand, J.W.C. What St. Paul Really Said. New York: Schocken Books,1968.