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After World War II, the Yalta Conference confirmed that Germany was to be divided into four sectors:the American, British, and French in the west, and the Soviet Union in the east. From June 24, 1948 to May 12, 1949, the Soviets blockaded Berlin's Western side from the Eastern side. This is what we call the Berlin Wall. In 1948, during construction of the Wall, the Soviet Union cut off all rail water supply to the West, Western Berlin. During …

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…reunited, the Berlin Wall is completely torn down. The allies controling the contries all declared their freedom, but the Soviets didnt declare the Soviet Sectors independence until 1991. In 1997, a large red line was painted in place of where the Berlin Wall stood. Finally, the Germans had been reunited after 28 years of suppression and seperation. Large celebrations took place as people stood with excitement as they watched the bulldozers and crans tear the final pieces down.