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The 1992 Los Angeles Riots seen through "Front-line: LA Riot" fit a numerous amount of Professor Banefield’s theories. They do indicate evidence of class problems and portray the governments handling of its responsibilities as poor and unorganized. There are four motivations that imply a certain character to a riot; rampage, foray for pillage, outburst of righteous indignation, and demonstration. They all display qualities dealing with the Los Angeles Riots. Rampage expressed no pattern of violence …

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…norm. There responsibility was to prevent, protect and solve the situation. There was not prevention nor protection and it was resolved when the riot had died out itself. The expectations of the Los Angeles government was not fulfilled, thus they had not done their job. The Los Angeles riots support Professor Banefield’s theories and show evidence of class problems. The Videotape also shows the poor handling of this situation by the Los Angeles government.