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THE CIVIL WAR: THE PATH TO DISUNION Missouri Applies for Statehood- 1819 In 1819, Missouri wanted to join the Union, although in the North, as a slave state. In would make the balance of power in the Congress unequal. Many Northerners were opposed to the idea. Northerners in Congress refused to pass the bill. Northerners proposed that Missouri be slave and that no more slaves were to be brought in and all slave children would be free …

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…in effigy. The south felt that all hope was lost. Finally, on the day Lincoln was inaugurated the Confederate Army had begun to rise. Secession- 1861 By April 14, 1861, 7 states had left the Union. On February 18, 1861, Jefferson Davis began the President of the Confederate States. One last push was made to keep the Union. It failed. The gap between the North and the South was too big to be solved. War was inevitable. WAR! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** none