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Normally, when a baby is born approximately nine months after being conceived, he or she has all the features of its parents. It is fully developed for life separate from its motherís umbilical cord. It is fascinating how they are formed inside the womb. Beginning from day one, life has started. Embyonic development is a complex process involving cell division, cell differeniation, and cell movement, as the genetic information from the parents are passed …

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…what exactly goes on in a motherís womb. I have decided to make a clay model of what a baby looks like early on in its embryonic development and to show it in a simulated womb made out of gelatin in a fish bowl. Annotated Bibliography Arms, Karen. Biology of Life. Philadelphia: Saunders Publishing House, 1982. Leibling, Maryanne. How did I get here, Mommy? New York: Dryden Publishing, 1991. Bibliography see attached at end of essay