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Outline A. Introduction 1. Topic 2. Topic question - Give evidence - Give examples of other ideas 3. Thesis B. Batista/Castro Government 1. Before Castro’s reign - conservative at first - turned communist 2. USSR stayed ally with Castro C. U-2 Spy Plane Incident 1. Francis Gary Powers - USA’s excuse - 1958 incident 2. Note to the US government - air space violation - Cuba 90 miles off the cost of Florida 3. Rejection of open skies’ proposal - Eisenhower left …

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…February 21, 1998 May-July 1960: The U-2 Airplane Incident 147. Editorial Note [Online] Available An overview of the Crisis Soviet Charges of U.S. Violations of its airspace; March-June 1958 39. Editorial Note [Online] Available Various Internal Memos from the CIA/EDRC Search [Online] Available