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ATTICA STATE PRISON UPRISING SEPTEMBER 13, 1971 George Jackson the most famous political prisoner in the 70’s and leader of the Black Panther Party was incarcerated at San Quentin Prison in California. He was killed by the State on August 21, 1971. Because of this Attica inmates organized a hunger strike and wore black arm bands. George Jackson’s revolutionary writings in his book he had written “Soledad Brother” was passed from inmate to inmate inside Attica State Prison, …

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…was not the amount of money but it was about clearing his name. Frank Smith at the time of the Attica uprising was incarcerated for armed robbery. He was released in 1973 and has worked as a paralegal for the Lawyer who represented him, Elizabeth Fink, and he is also as a drug counselor. There are a remaining 1,280 inmates who are currently seeking 2.8 billion dollars in damages for the mishandling and retaking of the Attica prison.