athenians and visigoths

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In today’s society, there are two, very different types of people, Visigoth and Athenians. Not of course the ancient ancestors but they survive through us in ways which we conduct our lives. Many of us are Visigoths because we are natural-born Visigoths from the ancient time to today. There are certain characteristics of a Visigoth. First of all, they quest for knowledge only to earn money and gain power. Why do you suppose so …

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…reason to build computers was to make everyone be able to use this technology. He wanted to help everyone to be able to use this new technology. Even today, he donates millions of dollars to poor and schools. Another reason he is an Athenian is that he really appreciates art. He prepares his imagination through learning and experience. So, he is ! an Athenian like me, and all the true Christians around the world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**