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Disasters at clubs repeat tragic history By Big Wolf Over the decades, from the Cocoanut Grove to the Beverly Hills Supper Club to The Station, the formula for a nightclub disaster is always the same: too many people, too few exits and too little time to escape. The two calamities last week that killed 118 people in clubs in Chicago and West Warwick, R.I., were the latest in a series of tragedies over a period …

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…wants a full house" -- owners, performers, patrons, Lawson says. A club is not much of a club if it is not crowded. Nevertheless, with a crowd comes a danger. Over the weekend, Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri said what officials in his position have said for years after such massacres: "I want to make sure that what we saw here does not happen again." However, if history is any guide, it almost certainly will.