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Articles of Confederation The ineffectiveness of the Articles of Confederation was pulling the country apart by the end of the 1780ís. It needed improvement in each genre of its structure. In foreign policy, politically, and economically, the country was in a state of collapse. Politically, the writers of the Articles of Confederation forgot two of the three-branch government, the executive and judicial branches. In foreign policy, the country was not respect by any of its …

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…the Legislative and to have uniform throughout the states. Economically, no money could be gained through taxes, debt was piling up, and states were not cooperating. Other nations did not pay attention to our demands and cut off trade. They tried to keep us small and insignificant. Foreign Policy was not a strong point either. All of these facts add up to one conclusion, the Articles of Confederation were not an effective government from 1781 to 1789.