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found George Smith's article on the death penalty in your November, 1996, issue interesting and provocative. As with other work of his I have read, it raised some important issues. Unfortunately, I ultimately found it unsatisfying and unconvincing. While I would prefer a dynamic discussion to clarify points, I will utilize this forum to raise objections to his argument as I understand them. I apologize in advance for any misinterpretations of his ideas I have made. …

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…the victim's family should decide or, at least, help to do so. How precisely restitution is to be achieved in a case of murder is a problem for the philosophy of law. Not being able at this time to define the precise nature of practical restitution in the case of murder does not mean it is impossible or undesirable. I thank Mr. Smith for his stimulating article even though I reject his argument. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**