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Appleton Police Department Appleton is in the heart of the Fox Cities in east central Wisconsin. The population is about 70,00 and is the 6 largest city in Wisconsin and the metropolitan area is more then 155,000. The history of the police department is in 1854 they only had a single lawman which was a marshal they didnít have a jail so they shared one with a neighboring town. In 186 the city counsel voted in January to start …

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…for any overtime hours they put in. 100% of an officers premium for medical and dental insurance are paid by the city. The more years they put in the more they get days off. After 1 year on the job they get 1 week, 2 years 2 weeks off, 8 years 3 weeks off, 412 years 4 weeks and 20 years 5 weeks off. They are allowed 12 days off for sick leave and 1 day is earned after a full month of service without calling in sick.