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On August,13 1860, Pheobe Ann Moses was born to Jacob and Susan Moses in their one room cabin in Patterson, Ohio. When Annie was around 6, her father contracted pnemonia while traveling the 18 miles home from town in a blizzard, and died in the spring of 1866. Afterward, Susan had trouble supporting the six childen. After the three older children married and left, Mrs.Moses was forced to send the three younger children to neighbors' houses. One day …

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…built on Hambrooks Bay, facing the rising sun. The house had a front porch and a second story balcony which were used for blinds. The walls were stuffed with dried seaweed for insulation. Annie and Frank lived there for two years before moving. Later on, Annie developed pernicious anemia, for which there was no cure. Before she died on November 3, 1926, she had all her medals and trophies melted down and the money given to charity.