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The world in Chinua Achedes novel, Things Fall Apart, was a society in which males had control of everything, and the women had control of nothing. As wives, women were seen as property, rather than as partners to be loved and cherished. The men of the Ibo tribe usually married more than one wife because the more wives, yams, barns, and titles each Ibo man held, the more successful he was considered. These possessions determined …

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…novel were the priestess, such as Chielo of the Oracle of the Hills and Caves. Chielo can transform from the ordinary and can talk back to Okonkwo, and even scream curses at him: "Beware of exchanging words with Agbala. Does a man speak when a God speaks? Beware!" (101). Okonkwo is powerless before the goddess's priestess. He feels insecure because she is a women, so he feels more of a need to control his own women.