ancient and medieval times

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2 million years ago, life on Earth for mankind was very different. Back then, technology as we know it did not even exist. Over the years, mankindís increased scientific knowledge has allowed him to increase the amount of personal luxuries, but not without a cost. The first human beings may have appeared 2 million years ago, but they did not even discover fire until 1.5 million BC. From a purely technological standpoint, todays world far surpasses that …

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…as poverty, have been cut too deep and may never heal. Back then, people were probably satisfied with life, if only because it was all they knew. In conclusion, modern life has, in some ways improved since prehistoric times, although for some, it is worse. But for better or worse, all that matters is the future, and if mankind can make up for some of its failings, the future will be a much brighter place.