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Franz Kafka was a German writer. In his life, he had many experiences in his personal life that influenced his writing. One of his works in which he reflected his personal experiences was "Metamorphosis." "Metamorphosis" is about struggling to be accepted by others, as Kafka did in his life. "Metamorphosis" shows many examples of how Kafka's life influenced his writing. One example of how Kafka related his life to "Metamorphosis" was when he was little. …

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…nobody cared about him, viewed him as a failure. In conclusion, Franz Kafka's many experiences made him a creative writer that made good works from his personal experiences. "Metamorphosis" is one work of which he reflects his life on. He relates many descriptive situations and feelings of his own family to that of the family of the book, the Samsa family. Many feelings and situations are vividly described as well as demonstrated by the text.