an analysis of roddy doyles writing style

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An Analysis of Roddy Doyle’s Writing Style Roddy Doyle is an Irish novelist from Dublin, Ireland, who has written several award winning novels. Through the use of a variety of literary techniques, Doyle has been able to delve into the thoughts and minds of his characters, so that the reader can easily empathize with them. Specifically, through the use of vernacular language, detailed imagery, and stream of consciousness in two of his novels, The …

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…in the mind of a ten year old boy has become clearer. Although some critics feel that Roddy Doyle’s style makes for a boring book I disagree. Gray states that the books are merely “ …anecdotes and strung together incidents…” that don’t make for much of a novel(Gray 2). However, the lack of plot is what makes Doyle’s novels what they are: simple stories that delve deep into the minds of everyday people.