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What is aluminium? Aluminium compounds form 8 per cent of the earth's crust and are present in most rocks, vegetation and animals. Indeed aluminium is the third most common crustal element and most common crustal metal on earth. Pure aluminium is a soft lightweight metal. Mixed with small, often minute, quantities of other materials iron, silicon, zinc, copper, magnesium, tin, titamium, lithium, chromium, tungsten, manganese, nickel, zirconium and boron - it is possible to produce an …

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…facilities. Everyone has a role to play regarding the environment. Within the Aluminium Association of Canada, an environmental task force has been active for several years bringing together various specialists responsible for environmental management. Proceedings deal mostly, but not solely, with the reduction of air emissions and effluents, management and recycling of waste as well as the improvement of existing processes. Over the last ten years, $900 million has been spent on environmental protection. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**