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The Catholic Reformation I INTRODUCTION Counter-Reformation, movement within the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th and 17th centuries that sought to revitalize the Church and to oppose Protestantism. Some historians object to the term as implying only the negative elements in the movement, and they prefer designations such as Catholic Reformation or Catholic Restoration. They stress the high spirituality that animated many leaders of the movement, which often had no direct relation to the Protestant …

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…Thomas Malthus-might also suggest that Enlightenment ideals are self-defeating. If the philosophes perhaps underrated human irrationality, and the importance of tradition and authority in keeping human beings on the right track, and if Enlightenment reason now has few wholehearted adherent! s, it is, in its broad outlines, irrevocable and indispensable. For to detect the faults of Enlightenment thought, in the hope of finding solutions for them, it is necessary to invoke enlightened reason. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**