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alexander the great essay Alexander the Great is one of the very few generals in history who never lost. His unbroken success is all the more amazing because the circumstances he faced varied widely and he often exposed himself recklessly in battle. Alexander won his first victory when he was just 16 against hill tribes on the borders of Macedonia. When he ascended the throne of Macedonia, located just north of Greece, the hill tribes and …

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…where, just 33 years old, he died of a sickness (or perhaps by poison) after a wild party. Alexander Lived From 356BC Until 323BC. Legend says that Alexander the Great was born on the same day as the temple of Artemis At Ephesus (One Of The Seven Wonders Of The Antient World) burned down. No one knows for sure, but it was definitely in the summer of 356BC. Alexander The Greatís Real Name Was Alexandros.