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Alexander The Great At the age of twenty years old, Alexander succeeded his father Philip. Alexander was born in Pella, Macedonian in 356 B.C. Aristotle began to tutor Alexander at the age of thirteen. It was said that Alexander loved Aristotle more that he loved his father Philip. Aristotle taught Alexander Greek science and philosophy, also Alexander had a love for Greek art and poetry, and was taught to live well. Alexander as one historian …

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…and Barbarian. When I look over his goals and his vast accomplishments I agree with Plutarch's assessment of Alexander, and I feel that he is worthy of his title Alexander the Great. End Notes 1. Bailkey, Readings in Ancient History. Foot Note #1 on page 297. Charles Alexander Robinson, Alexander The Great: The Meeting Between East and West in a World of Government and Brotherhood. page 225 2. Bailkey, Readings in Ancient History. Page 297 3. Bailkey, Readings in Ancient History. Page 297