aids and the effects on africa

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Africa is a beautiful country with it's many countries, animals and diversity. Despite these positive aspects, Africa is suffering from one of the world's worst AIDS epidemics. Every Saturday, nearby cemeteries are busy with the arrival of people who have died from AIDS. It is said that in South Africa, one of every ten people has AIDS. Some 17 million people in Africa have died representing almost 80% of AIDS deaths worldwide. This is the equivalent of …

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…on the subject of AIDS if there is to be any type of Aids relieve in the near future. Works Cited "South Africa." CIA World Factbook. Online. Internet. " Everyday Lifestyles." Rage: South African Street Culture Online. Online. Internet. 21 September 2001. Fact Sheets -Aids and Populations HIV/AIDS Resources [Online]. 1 October, 2001 Available: