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The breakthrough of medicine, nutrition and technology has brought forth much prosperity to the welfare of life. The life expectancy rate has risen. Nutrition is known to be at its best and technology has taken mankind to the moon. However, prosperity is not the only thing that these three has brought. It brought about the nightmare of considering euthanasia into our lives. The greatest nightmare is that the profession that is supposed to preserve the …

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…every U.S. citizen (Jeminez 373). Although euthanasia may seem like a word (eu- happy, peaceful; thanasis- death) that is peaceful and calm, it may be the contrary. It seems quite clear to where I stand in the decision of euthanasia. I feel that this decision especially affects myself, for going into the medical field as a psychiatrist, can be difficult yet even more difficult when having to deal with the sight of euthanasia ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**