agatha christie and deception

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Deception is viewed as a negative term in society. However, in the genre of mystery novels, it is the essential key to its success. For the reader to want to continue on, he/she must be supplied with numerous possibilities for an ending. The only way one could provide such an abundant selection is with the use of deception. Agatha Christie has deceived her readers on purpose to present more plentiful probabilities for a conclusion. “…

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…at best. “For them, the Kennedy assassination seems to offer an Agatha Christie-like range of possible scenarios and culprits.” (Beschloss, 1C) While viewed as an evil term in society, deception is the vital component in an exciting, frightening and clever mystery novel. Dame Agatha Christie has succeeded in writing novels that makes a person ponder about the outcome. She has molded deception into an art form in which she is the Michaelangelo or the Picaso.