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Throughout The Aeneid, Aeneas takes an epic journey to attain his goal of finding his homeland of Italy. During his adventure, he faces many hardships and obstacles but in the end manages to lead the Trojans home to victory and triumph as a hero. In the beginning, Aeneas faces several obstacles. First, the Gods seem to be in conflict, helping and hindering Aeneas as he travels. The Queen of the Gods, Juno loves Carthage and …

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…fulfilled his mission, which was to claim a homeland for his people. Even the Gods must accept Aeneas’ victory. “To all this Juno nodded in assent and, gladdened by his promise, changed her mind, then she withdrew from sky and cloud” (543). And so, even though the epic ends with death “with a groan for that indignity his spirit fled into the gloom below” (547), Aeneas has fulfilled his mission and still remained a hero. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**