adversity and resilience of homosexuals

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Men and women have been attracted to the opposite sex since the beginning of time, but throughout history, there have always been exceptions to that case. Homosexuals have always been subjected to battering and discrimination by society. It was not until recently that these people spoke out and confronted society about the rights that they deserve. The fictional tale Farewell My Concubine describes the torments and sufferings that homosexuals have to go through. These torments …

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…discriminated as members of a stigmatized group, homosexuals need to be understood and accepted into society. When the public understand enough about homosexuals to disbelieve in the ludicrous myths about them, that will be when homosexuality will be recognized not as some sort of illness, but as just another way of life. When the society learns that homosexuality is just a different lifestyle, that will be when homosexuals will be treated as equivalents to heterosexuals.