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Somewhere in eastern Canada, there is a place where elephants live. Elephants seem to enjoy the place where they live, they even seem to enjoy the cold weather. During winter, elephant wants to go in the freezing, icy water; the male breaks the ice to swim in the water. The elephants seem to have a protection against the cold; it could be the fat that keeps them warm. So elephants adapt very well, even in …

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…so some elephants go to the circus with Mathieu Daley Mathieu is an eager apprentice. The circus, which goes Mathieu and Calvin, is situated in Montreal. Calvin, who is an elephant, loves to travel, like any other elephant. Calvin and Mathieu are partners, Calvin can stand up on his two legs, when Mathieu is on Calvin heads, and they can many other things. It is nice too see someone who enjoys very much his job.