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Eudora Welty wrote A Worn Path to convey the ideas and hardships of her life. Eudora was a well-traveled scholar who knew what it felt like to endure hardship. This story is about perseverance and courage. Phoenix was a persevering and courageous person. She showed her courage by making her journey to the doctor's office every month. She braved the elements so that her grandson could be relieved of his pain for another month. If …

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…up living on the streets. If this is where an individual wants to end up then so be it, but if he or she wants to move up in this world, then that person has to persevere and endure the hardships that go along with the daily humdrum of this world. These two characteristics, courage and perseverance, are two very important aspects in a person's life, and they can be easily seen everyday. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**