a story about when i was younger

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When I was young... The sun's rays beat down on my heavy down coat, but the trouble to take it off couldn't be made. Screeching to a jolting stop, the submarine yellow school bus opened it's doors with a sucking noise, similar to a straw. Shoving to the front, it was difficult not to whip other kids with my fifty-ton backpack I transported around like a pack mule. At last I exited the transport and …

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…her 'kitty string' ,'Krazy Kitty Karats' and 'Gourmet Fish Tarts'. I don't think she'll want to leave. I'll just have to convince her I can spoil her even better. I think I made the right choice, sending her to Seattle instead of forcing her into quarantine. I know she would never be the same after an ordeal like that. Sometimes the action that hurts the most is the action that ends up for the best.