a separate peace

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Human emotions are very strong and powerful. Feelings can be undeniable and uncontrollable. They compel us to do things no matter how irrational they may seem. Some common humanistic feelings, that everyone at one point feels, are jealousy, pride, anger, and guilt. In the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles, one of the main characters Finny does not feel any of these emotions, making him seem very inhuman, even though he has a very …

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…very realistic and can be related to easily; Finny on the other hand, although he is liked more throughout the novel, is a very inhuman character who does not depict the emotions of human existence. During the novel Gene feels many humanistic feelings such as envy, pride, guilt, and hostility. Finny does not feel any of these emotions therefore making him perceived as a very unrealistic character. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** a separate peace by john knowles