a revolution in mexico

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A Revolution in Mexico Much of Mexico's history for the decade of 1910-1920 was recorded by hundreds of photographers. Using glass plate cameras and early cut film cameras, primitive by today's standards, the photographers faced injury and death to take pictures that would serve as a remembrance to the people involved in the civil war or anyone on either side of the U.S.-Mexican border. Some of the views were obviously posed to portray …

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…President Herrera of Guatemala, to protect the US-owned United Fruit Company. In El Salvador in 1932, the United States sent a naval force to help put down a communist rising there. All of these countries have a dislike for the United States that was demonstrated in the article. Everyone, Zepeda recalled, hated the U. S. soldiers. He said he heard stories that the tortilleras, the women who made tortillas, had even killed a few American soldiers.