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On September 10, 2000 Myles Brand, the Indiana University school president, made a major decision which would change Indiana University forever. Bob Knight, the Indiana University basketball coach for over 29 years, was fired due to what Brand called "a persistent and troubling pattern of behavior" even after Brand instituted a zero-tolerance policy. (Gildea, A1) Students, faculty, alumni, enemies, and fans of Indiana University from all over the country were outraged, happy, confused, and relieved after hearing Brand's …

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…university, while people who can see through the winning streaks and championships, know that the firing of Knight was a good thing for the future. Its up to each individual person to decide what is right and wrong for them, and if they feel strongly about their decision, to let other people know. No matter what you think about the firing of Knight, something happened that would change the university forever, a decision was made.