a comparison of the 13th warrior to beowulf

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Thesis: The Thirteenth Warrior offers a realistic, believable recreation of the epic tale Beowulf. Beowulf is perhaps the most popular of all epic poems. It is the story of a triumphant hero battling three supernatural monsters. Even though there is not a full theatrical remake of this classic tale, The Thirteenth Warrior provides us with a more realistic view of Beowulf. The supernatural monsters are replaced with the barbaric, cannibalistic tribe of the Wendols. However, …

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…enemy is a tribe of humans that carry the traits of these monsters. Both sets of enemies are strong, cannibalistic, and barbaric. The Thirteenth Warrior is a realistic story while Beowulf is not. I believe that The Thirteenth Warrior tries to convey what actually happened in history to cause the story of Beowulf. The supernatural settings were a product of the story being passed from generation to generation before being written down. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** none