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My fascination with the Judicial System Structure of today's society was furthered and strengthened after reading and analyzing the works of Edward Greenspan. This superbly written biography recollecting past cases and important events in Greenspan's life allowed myself, the reader, to learn more about Jurisprudence and the Criminal Code. The entire casebook revolves around several main themes including the balance of Positive & Natural influences in the courtroom, whether a lawyer's consience intervenes with his duty …

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…controversial and brilliant decisions incorporated by Canada's fiercest Criminal Lawyer, there is a natural blend of political concern and social structure which comes with the territory. Greenspan, The Case For The Defence, is the finest biography/casebook I have ever studied thanks to the ever-lasting presence of educational values combined with fascinating jurisprudential events and occurences. It can be said that Justice and Liberty for all can only be achieved through a damn good lawyer!