"Patriotism in America: Common, yet Nonexistent"

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Patriotism in America: Common, yet Nonexistent In American society today, the term "patriotism" is used loosely, and in fact has become so common that the true meaning of the word has been almost forgotten. America, which is the only country I can speak for on this subject, has converged patriotism and nationalism, and rarely do you find anyone who can make a distinction between the two. As an American, I found that I have lived …

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…suppressed their as much as here. I hope, though, that it does exist over there, because I want people to feel it and to live it, even if I never truly will be able to. True patriotism is pure, and simple, love for the country that one lives in. But unfortunately in America you can't attain true patriotism with also having feeling of nationalism, something which clouds the mind from the simplicity of true patriotism.