" Lord Jim" by Joseph Conrad.

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Lord Jim Lord Jim, written in 1900 by Joseph Conrad is a tragic heroic novel portraying the main character's (Jim) unsuccessful attempts to escape his cowardice past. Jim was brought up in a religious English family, his father being a parson. Throughout his youth, Jim was greatly fascinated by popular literature, especially heroic sea novels. His fascination resulted into great love for the sea, and later his father sent him to a merchant marine academy. During …

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…fascinating novel since it is a novel and a romance at the same time. Though it occurs in the East Indies, Lord Jim does not focus on colonization. I liked this novel since fantasy and reality were put side-to-side, showing that no one is capable of knowing where fantasy ends and where reality starts. I was not expecting that this novel will turn out to be this interesting, especially because of its very simple title.