An ˇ§Unreasonableˇ¨ Drama - the Bear

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¡§The Bear¡¨ is a drama written by Anton Chekhov. It can be regarded as a comedy since it is to give audience entertainment and amusement. This is usually achieved by creating discrepancies among the characters and the audiences so that audiences may feel something strange and laugh. Although the conflict of this play is quite plain and straightforward, audience will not feel bored as such technique is applied smartly throughout the story. The theme is …

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…money anymore. It is his unexplainable feeling of love towards Mrs. Popov overrides his urgent need of money. Human are complicated creatures. Their feelings always fluctuate in the way that is beyond the control of themselves. So the characters behave quite unreasonably in which feelings control their actions. Not withstanding that it is a good way of aggravating the effect of comedy, it is true that people do not know what they are doing sometimes.