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Zoroastrianism Zoroastrianism is a major ancient and pre-Islamic religion of Iran. For over a thousand years, from around 549 BCE to 652 CE, the religion taught by Zarathushtra flourished as the state religion of three mighty Iranian empires; the Achaemenians (549 - 330 BCE.); the Parthians (248 BCE - 224 CE); and Sasanians (224 - 652 CE). Amongst the many subjects of the Achaemenian Empire were the Jews, who adopted some of the prophet's main teachings and transmitted them in due course to …

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…Qadimis use a "non-intercalating" calendar of 360 days. The Faslis have a perfect calendar of 365 days. Living in harmony with nature and respecting all living and non-living creations of Ahura Mazda is the main teachings expressed in the Zoroastrian religion. Respect for "the four elements, fire, water, air, and earth, is still strongly advocated. Once the world can accept these 4 elements and live in serenity with them, the world will be a better place. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**