Zeus The king of the gods

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ZEUS, THE KING OF THE GODS Zeus is one of the most ancient gods of the world. His name can be found in other Indo-European nations, except the Greek. Some of those nations are the Indians, the Ombrius and the Latinos. So he must be worshiped at least from 3000 BC. He was brought in Greece around 2000 BC, from the settlers who came from northern then Greece countries. His name must come from the root word …

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…from one of the Muses Kalliopy. He had a son Epafos from Io and from Electra he had the daughter Armonia (harmony). One of the most important of the minor gods, Panas, who was half goat half man and was a follower of Dionysus was Zeus son with Aix or Thrimvris. Overall, Zeus was a very powerful god and I think he deserved to have the right to call himself the "king of the gods"