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“Thus Spoke Zarathustra”; Of the Vision and the Riddle In this section of the text Zarathustra is climbing a mountain and enounters the “Spirit of Gravity” which Zarathustra describes as his devil and archenemy. As he climbs higher up the mountain however a dwarf (which I think is the Spirit of Gravity) jumps off his shoulders and sits on a rock in front of him. Beyond the Dwarf lies a gateway inscribed with the word “…

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…and has no individual characteristics because it varies from individual to individual. According to Neitzche, it is a goal that stands as far away from humanity as humanity stands from the ape. Because of this a person who strives toward the Overman, is a person who is willing to perish in his efforts. A greater understanding of the Overman is possible through an understanding of his doctrine of eternal recurrence, which I have previously described.