Young Goodman Brown

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Young Goodman Brown Our faith in men is nothing more than an illusion, which we create only in order to feel security in our lives. We dismiss the hypocrisy that we know exists in others, because if we donít, we have to instead accept the fact that the people and things we look to for strength, and strive to be like, all contain flaws and are usually no more innocent than we are. At …

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…the town. Everyone struggles against sin, and occasionally stumbles into its pit. Young Goodman Brown put his faith in men, which are broken everyday by the pressure put on them by Satan to turn their backs on God, instead on putting his faith in God, which is immovable. This was his fatal mistake. I believe this allegorical story by Nathaniel Hawthorn Is an attempt on his part to warn us against this mistake. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**