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The first obvious answer to this question is the Yoruba are a nationality, numbering about 25 million, the majority of whom live in the South Western part of the state of Nigeria in West Africa. Obvious as this answer is, it is not wholly explanatory, and certainly, it is not without its own controversy. First, regarding its explanatory status. One has to add, that the Yoruba are a black people, of Negro stock; that they speak …

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…peace that was imposed by the British could not have lasted had there not been a sense of consciousness of coming from a common origin. Bibliography Works Cited Bascom, William Russell. The sociological role of the Yoruba cult-group. Menasha: American Anthropological Association ,1944. Biobaku, Saburi O. Sources of Yoruba history. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1973. Coker, G. B. A. Family property among the Yorubas. London: Sweet and Maxwell , 1966. Fafunwa, A. Babas. A Hstory of Education in Nigeria. London: